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On the other hand, staying in a holiday house in August, for example, can be an opportunity to participate in the preparation of tomato sauce that involves the entire area. All generations participate in this ancient ritual that will delight guests who stay in holiday houses.

Moreover, Apulian cuisine, particularly in this corner of Gargano, is closely linked to local traditions. Here, the recipe for the mythical Holiday Accommodation Vieste Italy fresh Apulian orecchiette (each one individually kneaded and folded by hand) is well guarded by the women of the district. It is indeed an activity reserved exclusively for women, especially the elderly, who pass on their secrets to their daughters and grandchildren for generations and centuries.

Each orecchietta is different (let it never be said that, at the end of the day, they are all the same) and every woman in the family has her secret for the best orecchiette recipe in town.

Therefore, when you stay in a holiday house in Vieste, it is almost a given that you will come across a grandmother (or mother, or aunt, etc.) who is intent on preparing orecchiette and who will be happy, as well as gratified, to teach her recipe to welcomed family guests.

Besides the orecchiette, the repertoire of traditional recipes is enormous - and secrets can be stolen by staying in close contact with the local culture. Another bastion of Viestana cuisine is Pancotto (u pēn kutt): this is made with stale bread softened in water and extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with tomatoes, olives, wild oregano, garlic and various aromas.

Each Viestana family has its own small plot of land cultivated with olive trees: if you decide to have an off-season holiday, just before autumn perhaps, why not return home with a few litres of excellent extra virgin olive oil that has been squeezed from olives harvested by the family themselves? If you wish you can participate in the olive harvest (another party for the whole family). Holiday Accommodation Vieste The temperatures in Vieste remain warm and pleasant until mid-November and it is not uncommon in these very months to see people swimming when the rest of Italy is already going around in a jacket.

These are traditional activities that reflect the nature of an area strongly tied to the simplicity of the land and to its inhabitants, who breathe in the air of their beloved sea and rejoice in its extraordinary colours.

Speaking of the sea: If, in wanting to avoid the bit of crowd that is typical at the height of summer, you are looking for a more intimate and private beach (Vieste has 20km of beaches divided into large beaches, bays and hidden bays), it will be possible to ask the host family for advice.

All will be happy to advise on the most secret, hidden coves, where one can find a quiet corner even in the summer months of greater tourist influx. Indeed, in some cases, hosts will guide guests on one of their small fishing boats.

In regard to the sea and authentic experiences, it is also worth mentioning that, among the activities reserved for those who decide on holiday houses from the 'My Home in Vieste' network, there is also the intense and truly unique fishing experience on a historic Gargano Trabucco. The expedition is organized by "La Rinascita dei Trabucchi Storici" association (visit website).

In conclusion, the Viestani have a big heart and, by staying in a Vieste holiday house, you will have an opportunity to spend time in direct contact with the true treasure of this town: its citizens. In living side by side with them you will absorb the positive energy of the town in its most authentic shades. This is much more difficult to attain when staying in standard hotels or resorts, whether they are in Helsinki, Tokyo, Milan or Palermo.

Experiential Tourism

A journey into the heart of Gargano at reduced prices for My Home in Vieste guests.

corso pasta fresca vieste


Cooking class of fresh pasta from Puglia.
15% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

Learn to make orecchiette, strascinati, cicatielli, etc. with the local "comari" ("godmothers"), while having...

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yoga vieste


Yoga lesson on a traditional "Trabucco".
20% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

On the wonderful Trabucco of San Lorenzo, an unmissable opportunity for those who always wanted ...

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caicco vieste


From dawn to dusk, at sea with the Caicco.
10% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

Secret inlets and coves, visible only by boat, the clear and transparent sea, the excellent cuisine. The Captain...

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masseria vieste


An experience in the most remote and unspoiled Gargano.
10% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

A unique excursion into the most authentic Gargano, between valleys, pasture lands and old drinking trough...

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geocatching vieste


Adventure tour in our National Park.
20% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

Completely immersed in an untouched nature and trough a path pre-arranged by organizers (but unknown by the partecipants)...

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degustazione vieste


WaLking among Vineyards, olive groves and wine cellars.
15% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

Guided tour to a traditional Gargano farm, well known for its biological production of wine, extravirgin olive oil...

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trekking sfinale vieste


Hiking among untouched nature, history and breathtaking landscapes.
20% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

Trekking of Sfinale is, with no doubts, the most suggestive, charming and evocative escursion in...

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corso pizza vieste


Tradition of pizza and secrets of wood-fired baking.
20% discount for guests of My Home in Vieste.

Surrounded by characteristic Gargano vegetation on a green hill overlooking the sea, an experienced...

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With every booking request guest admits that all pictures and general informations have been examined on the apposite house/apartment web-pages at

Owners will endeavour to describe (trough pictures and descriptions on his dedicated web-page) the property and its position to the best of their ability and in good faith. No liability or damages will be accepted by owners or My Home in Vieste for mis-description.

Le prenotazioni vengono formalizzate solo se corredate da versamento di caparra confirmatoria pari al 30% dell'importo totale. Ogni proprietario si riserva comunque il diritto di accettarle oppure respingerle.

To secure a booking a 30% (of the rental total amount) deposit is requested. Deposit has to be sent via bank transfer. Owner bank data will be provided with the booking confirmation email. Every owner can freely decide to accept or not a booking request.

Final price for every reservation is net of the tourist tax. The tax is imposed from Vieste municipality and payment of it can be required with sold the chek-in day.

Sold of the total amount has to be payed the check-in date even in case of late arrival or early departure.

Guest's document registration process has to be done the chek-in date without any delay possibility.

Any other payment method different from cash has to be agreed in advance with the owner.

Together with sold, a bond/security deposit of 100 euro may be required by the owner as a guarantee against damages occurred during guest stay.

The 50% of deposit sent for a booking will be refund only if an email cancellation request will be sent to no later than 60 days before the arrival date. Out of this terms, deposit will be retained and not refunded.

Dates of check-in and check-out have to be strictly respected. Eventual extension of stay has to be agreed with the owner.

Keys of booked house/apartment, if not otherwise specified in the price list of every owner web-page, will be consigned the check-in day from 16.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. The house/apartment must be vacated by the guest and keys returned to the owner no later than 10.00 am on the check-out day.

With every booking owner will consign an appartment of the same type and with the same characteristic of the one requested trough the booking request. For booking-plan organizational reason, owner can't ensure the booking of a specific apartment.

Number of persons declared in the booking request can't be changed without prior agreement with the owner.

It's not permitted to host in the house/apartment persons not declared in the booking request.

The guest must leave the property in a clean and tidy condition. In following cases, guarantee deposit of 100 euro will be not refund:

  • Dirtiness of kitchen units (cooker, refrigerator, plates, pots and cutlery).
  • Dirtiness of toilet.
  • Dirtiness of floor.
  • Garbage left in the apartment after check-out.

Payment of a final cleaning charge refer to the hygienisation of the house/apartment and gives no right to leave it dirty and untidy.

If in owner reasonable opinion any person(s) is not suitable to continue the holiday because of unreasonable behaviour, damage to apartment(s) or danger or significant annoyance to others, the contract may be terminated, in which case owner will not have any further liability. In this event, guest will remain liable to pay the hire price and no refund shall be due.

Owner guarantee a basic furnishing for every apartment. This includes dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots (suitable for the number of persons in the apartment), refrigerator and television.
Apartments have not other appliances (as kettle, dishwasher, oven, toaster, air-cond, etc) or facilities if not specified in the web page of every owner.

OCots, bed linen and towels are not provided in the apartments. Hiring them it's possible where specified in the owner price list. One change per week is mandatory in case of towels and bed linen hiring.

The guest is liable for any damage caused in the apartment during the period of hire. Owner has the right to enter any accommodation (without prior notice if this is not practical or possible) if special circumstances or emergencies arise (for example if repairs need to be carried out).

The Visitor must comply with the By-Laws that apply to the property, engage in good neighbourly behaviour, preserve the residential amenity and not be a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring occupiers (eg. loud music, parking). Utmost quiet and silence should be kept from 10pm to 8am and from 02.00pm to 04.30pm.

Pets, where permitted and agreed in advance, must be kept under control at all times. Dogs must be on a lead at all times and must not be left unattended in the property at any time or allowed on any house/apartment furnishings, beds, sofa, etc. Pets can't be left alone in the apartment, especially if they disturb (barking or making noise) other guests.

Use of common areas, sporting facilities and recreational areas are at guests own risk. In these areas, parents have to look after and supervise their childrens.

A responsible use of a washing machine in order to conserve resources and avoid damage, where is possible, is with fee. Every use has to be agreed with the owner, prices are specified in every owner price list.

In accordance with the law n.35 of the 15/12/2008 of Apulia Region concerning the terms and conditions of swimming pools every users, before enter in the pool, has to:

  • Take a shower in order to clean properly every body parts.
  • Wear a swimming hat.

Pools are unsupervised. Guests are advised to exercise extreme care when using the swimming pool facilities and swim at their own risk.

Every user has to take care, swimming pools can be hazardous. Water presents a risk of drowning, and injuries can occur from hitting the hard surrounds, or from misuse of the equipment.
No large inflatable toys or beach balls to be used in the pool. Owners accept no liability for any injury caused by the use of the swimming pool facilities.

Persons under 18 years of age are permitted to use the facilities only when accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for that person's conduct at all times.

Pool will be available at the prescribed times only (see specific timetable of every property) , this includes changing time. Closing time is essential for respect of rest periods, pool maintenance work, special functions or for any other reason the owner may feel necessary.

In low season (from end of september to the end of april) pool opening is not guaranteed.

Owners are not responsible for loss or damages to personal property by theft, fire, or other casualty, whether such losses occur in apartments, public areas, or elsewhere.

Owners do not assume any liability for personal injury or personal property damage resulting from mechanical failure of the water, gas or electrical system; or for negligence by Accommodation occupants.

If guests wish to protect himself from the possibility of such losses or injury, it is his responsibility to secure an insurance policy that will meet your individual needs.

Every owner guarantees an enclosed but unattended parking place. Owner is not responsible for any theft or damages occured to guests cars.

Terms and Policy in this page can be completed with additional terms at owner discretion.

With every booking request and with every down-payment the tenant accept the Terms and Policy in this page.

Every guest accept that all disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Foggia.